Village Day 2016 – Sunday July 3rd

What a wonderful Village Day we had this year! A fabulous sunny day in an otherwise soggy summer allowed everything to go to plan and a record-breaking 130 villagers and friends bought tickets and enjoyed a wonderful fun-packed day.

First off we had the children’s sports on the Downs with lots of keenly contested races and lots of proud winners ended up sported their hard won medals. On the stroke of mid-day the bar provided an antidote to the rising temperature and everyone then took their places in the sun for the delicious barbecued meal, which was cooked to perfection by this year’s chefs - Nick and Roy.

The youngsters then had fun taking part in the ‘Teddy on a Tripwire’ competition with teddies of all shapes and sizes taking part in a closely contested battle of the bears.

Finally, the Village Stocks were put in operation with several brave adults finding themselves on the receiving end of some ferociously thrown waterlogged sponges and, if that didn’t get them wet enough, the youngsters took great delight pouring buckets of water down the backs of the trousers of the helpless victims! (Thanks go to Mike and John and Huw for being such good sports in the stocks.)

Thanks go to everyone who helped arrange such a wonderful day and to all who attended and took part with such enthusiasm in the events and enjoyed the food and drink. Thanks also to Andy for some great photos of the day.

Special thanks to the Farmers Arms for donating the barrel of real-ale, which was completely emptied by the thirsty punters, much to the dismay of the Committee who normally finish it off!















This year’s chefs - Nick and Roy 

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