The Annual Aberthin Duck Race 2015

This year’s annual Aberthin Duck Race took place on Sunday 26th April when 464 little sponsored ducks battled their way down Nant Aberthin contending not only with each other but also with the extremely low water levels that turned the normal ‘paddling’ competition into a grand obstacle course as large numbers of ducks found themselves helplessly grounded in the shallows or trapped behind the rocks and stones littering the course.

Ironically, this all made for greater excitement at the finish line as front-running ducks looking set to win the heat or the race became trapped within feet of the line and were overtaken by other ducks who would then also get stuck within inches of the line before the eventual winner would slink its way past all the hazards and float lazily through to victory!

A veil shall be drawn over the thoroughly illegal practices going on all along the course as the young, and not so young, used sticks and bamboos and anything else at hand to ‘encourage’ their chosen ducks to victory. Several ducks were disqualified when Nick and Laurie spotted such scandalous activity going on within sight of the finish line!

We ran two heats and the prize-winners, each winning an Easter egg, were:

Heat 1:

·       Winner: Duck 93 owned by Kayleigh Egan from the Farmers Arms

·       Runner up: Duck 13 owned by Angie from Chapel Close

Heat 2

·       Winner: Duck 310 owned by John Moore from Chapel Close

·       Runner up: Duck 337 owned by Beryl from Downs View Close

In between the heats and the final, we ran the ever - popular ‘Red duck’ Kiddies Race where the winner was Duck 39 owned by Macs Chapman who also won an Easter egg.

The Final

The final was a close run race with places and prizes as follows:

·       1st place, winning £25: Deb Evans

·       2nd place, winning £15: E.M Wight

·       3rd place, winning £10: The Roberts Family

Thanks to everyone who helped on the day, including Frank for his flawless starting of the races, Sian for organising the Kiddies Race (at very short notice!), Glesni and Vicky for organising the tea and bacon sandwich stall, Huw for recording the winners and doling out the prizes, Laurie and Gary as course marshals and especially to Nick who organised the whole event.

Greatest thanks go to all those members of the village community who sponsored the ducks and who turned up to support the event on the day. It would be a lonely and less successful fund-raising event without you!

This year’s successful Duck Race made a profit of £420 with all proceeds going to the Village Hall for use in running and maintaining the Hall and supporting less profitable village events.


They're off!       No they're stuck!


The Red Ducks are handed out for the children's race -  and is this what's meant by multitasking?


Looks like the 'officials' have spotted a Duck


A helping hand for the stragglers whilst the canteen staff rest. But it's not over yet!


With the water so low the launch site was moved and there was no shortage of helpers


But will the poor ducks manage to swim?


Yes with a little help...


Under the bridge was checked for strays before the little Red Racers were launched


A helping hand or is that a foot!      The onlookers look puzzled.


It's a photo finish for the Red Racers as they surge towards the finish line (pipe)..


Huw announces the winners - in reverse order of course...


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