Aberthin Village Hall Booking Information

How do I book the Hall?

Please fill in the Contact us form and supply the following information:

  • The date of the event
  • The start and end times for the event (including time for setup & clear away after the event)
  • The nature of the event (e.g. Children’s Birthday party)
  • Your contact details (email address and phone number)

and a member of the Hall committee will contact you to confirm availability.


To book the Village Hall, and/or to arrange to view the Hall and receive friendly advice on the cost of hiring the Hall, please contact either of the following:
  • Sue Edwards 01446 772788 or
  • Huw Lloyd     01446 774311

How do I collect the key and make payment?

As part of your booking confirmation, arrangements will be made to collect the key from a Committee member or other mutually convenient method for collecting the key before your event.  Payment can be made at the same time, or after the event when returning the key.

Where exactly is the hall located ?

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What are the terms and conditions for use of the hall ?

  • The person hiring the hall must read and agree to these conditions before using the hall
  • The hall is licensed for live music / dance - for more details and for specific times - please see the licence displayed on the notice board. Note: Alcohol brought onto the premises cannot be sold without an additional licence obtained for the specific event.
  • Any damage must be paid for by the user.
  • Please leave the Hall in a clean and tidy condition, put away any table or chairs used, leave the work surfaces clear, sweep the floor and flush toilets.
  • Please ensure the worktops are not used as storage areas and are available for use by all users.
  • Please take away your rubbish.
  • Turn off any electrical appliances.
  • The heating should be set back to ‘auto’/off as it was found.
  • Turn off all the lights (including light in the toilets)
  • Bolt the door in the kitchen and lock the main door to the Hall when leaving.
  • Please be mindful of our neighbours - do not obstruct driveways and on leaving the premise please leave quietly.
  • Please return the key.

As the hall has many users please leave the hall as you would expect to find it.

Thank you for taking care of our hall,

Aberthin Village Hall Management Committee

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